Wrap your building envelope with TEKNOPANEL® insulated composite panels (sandwich panels) for Roofs & Walls

TEKNOPANEL sandwich panels manufactured in the Republic of Turkey is one of the largest manufacturers of Sandwich panels in Turkey using the latest state of the art production systems.

TEKNOPANEL has a wide range of products with a range of Core Insulations to suite most of the building envelope requirements and especially with FIRE RATING core insulation panels.

TEKNOPANEL panels are FM Approved and especially with very good fire ratings for PIR & Mineral wool Insulated panels, the product can provide a better, safer building envelope which also can perform to achieve better thermal comfort inside the building, reducing the energy cost which is a primary factor to be considered when constructing or renovating buildings.

These ready-assembled building elements, which have a high load carrying capacity despite their own low weight, are produced on continuous lines.

You can select or we can help you to select which type of sandwich panel is suitable for your building/project by taking into consideration the thermal, humidity, sound insulation and fire resistance needs of thereof.

Different insulation materials should be chosen according to the needs of the buildings. Sandwich panels are produced using several insulation types including:

  • PUR – Polyurethane
  • PIR – Polyisocyanurate
  • Mineral Wool – Rockwool

The panels can be supplied with various metal and other skins to suit various commercial, industrial and weather based requirements. These skins are namely:

  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Zinc Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • PET
  • GRP
  • Vinyl
The colour coating of the sandwich panels are based on several factors such as the environment, industrial usage requirements, aesthetic feature and durability of the coating. Based on these factors, the inner and outer skins can be supplied with the following finish coatings:
  • Polyester coating
  • PvDF coating
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Plastisol coating
  • PVC film

Inner and Outer Sheet Features of Sandwich Panels

It is of prime importance to determine inner and outer sheet features of sandwich panels according to the environmental conditions of the building.

Outer sheet of the sandwich panel should be resistant to the temperature change, UV rays and chemical-physical external effects. 

The inner sheet should be resistant to condensation and chemical gasses caused by the inner atmosphere of the building.

Sandwich Panel Products

Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels

Roof panels are produced in the forms of 3 and 5 ribs and according to the requested insulation type with the choices of external and secret fixing joint details. There are alternatives such as membraned roof panels for low-slope terrace roofs, and GRP roof panels for agricultural and husbandry constructions.

Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels
Wall panels are implemented vertically or horizontally according to the architecture of the construction. They are offered with the external and secret fixing joint details, and with the surface types of lined, micro lined and deep lined.
Insulated Cold Storage Sandwich Panels
With different joint detail alternatives, cold storage sandwich panels are produced at various thicknesses ranging from 80-200 mm and they have flat or lined surface types as well as stainless steel and PVC film laminated surface options.
Insulated Acoustic Sandwich Panels

They ensures the acoustic sound insulation by absorbing the sound through their mineral wool insulation core and perforated sheet surface. Produced at various thicknesses ranging from 50-150 mm, insulated acoustic sandwich panels can be used both at the walls and roofs.

Fast and Easy Installation

Contrary to the traditional systems, continuous line manufactured sandwich panels are in fully compatible and ready to assemble pieces that are prepared in the required dimensions, insulation types and colors based on the structure of your facility, with engineering and quality control processes conducted beforehand at the factory.

Installation of the sandwich panels is very easy with the few joints on wide surfaces. By means of advanced transport opportunities and mechanical lifting equipment, the duration of carrying and cladding is remarkably shortened. Therefore, your project is delivered in a short span of period, allowing you to save time.

Perfect Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation means reducing the energy spent in winter for warming and in summer for cooling; and taking measures to prevent heat transmission with the objective to live in comfortable environments. Sandwich panel is a building material, which is very suitable for thermal insulation.

Sandwich panel provides high thermal insulation by means of PUR, PIR, EPS and Mineral Wool insulation materials. Thermal insulation with sandwich panels prevents problems such as mold and humidity resulting from heat movements and condensation, and ensures your building to be robust and long-lasting. Thickness of the insulation material in the sandwich panel varies according to the load bearing capacity, regional conditions, the usage purpose of the building, and the thermal insulation value.

Investment Economy

In many types of buildings, you can save up on both building and installation time by selecting the appropriate sandwich panel. Thanks to its feature of easy mounting, you can conduct expansion and renovation works without interrupting everyday activities in the building. Moreover, the panels are both economic and practical as they can be disassembled and reused.

The lightness of sandwich panels allows you to gain advantage with regards to transport and main building costs. Also, their maintenance costs are low thanks to their durable structure.

In brief, sandwich panel is both a fast and aesthetic solution and budget-friendly for its longevity.

Aesthetic Appearance of Your Buildings
The outlook of your building is just like the mirror of your dreams. That is why we add new ideas to our sandwich panels every day for the aesthetic of your buildings. You can enliven the outer walls of your building and obtain an aesthetic appearance with the sandwich panels designed in different colors and in a structure that enables them to be positioned horizontally, vertically or angular. Thanks to their feature to be used in the internal sections as well, you can create different designs with the sandwich panels.
High Fire Resistance

If you choose a sandwich panel fit for your building in terms of fire insulation, you will be able to slow down the spreading of fire within the building and its surroundings, and to ensure the safety of life and property in the building.

While choosing sandwich panels for fire insulation, you should take into consideration the factors such as fire resistance and its duration, as well as the size and height of your building, and prefer sandwich panels with Mineral Wool or FM-approved PIR-cores.

Air and Water Tightness

Thanks to their perfect joint detail, Teknopanel sandwich panels prevent air and water leakage. While they ensure the continuity of thermal insulation, heat is not lost at any point of your building. Therefore, you take the heating and cooling in your building under control and ensure energy efficiency.

With a watertight structure, sandwich panels ensure active hydro-insulation against natural conditions such as snow and rain, and prevent humidity and mold. As they hinder corrosion on the load-bearing structures, they provide a healthy and comfortable environment in your building. Your building becomes stronger and more durable.

Noise-Free Buildings

Sound insulation is a must in order to minimize the harmful effects of noise on humans, to leave out the unwanted sounds, and to reduce the sound spreading around from noisy areas.

With their mineral wool insulation core and perforated sheet metal surface that lead to sound insulation features, acoustic sandwich panels used on the roof and walls increase productivity by creating healthy and comfortable spaces free from noise and prevent workplace accidents.

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