Architectural Façade Systems
Architectural Façade Systems
Architectural Façade Systems
Architectural Façade Systems

Architectural Façade Systems

Architectural Facades Systems provide architects, designers and building owners with the tools to create landmark buildings with all the aesthetics of leading, cutting-edge design ideally with comfortable daylight, thermal comfort and technical functionality


Expanded Mesh
As a result of the experience gained by Fratelli Mariani, the MARIANItech® brand has been established. It provides innovative architectural solutions using its own products when recovering existing buildings or creating new ones, changing the appearance of the constructions with designs that giving civil and industrial buildings a new “light”, new “skin” and new “vitality”. Movement, freedom of action and surprising volumes are a must around which the concept of modern architecture revolves, which searches for materials able to be moulded and integrate themselves.
Surface Finishes
Civicon Engineering - Surface Finishes - Powder Coating
Surface Finishes - Anodized Sheets
Perforated Panel
Cladding a building with perforated metal is an effective way to enliven the facade of what would otherwise be a simple cubed structure. Using perforated, pattern-cut panel systems create three-dimensional forms, to add depth, texture and intrigue to a façade.